Custom Design

Your tattoo will be designed by whichever artist you choose, or who we think will suit you best. Using your inspiration and ideas, we can help finalise and perfect whatever design you feel comfortable with. We will design your body art accordingly so that it fits and suits your body perfectly. Manchester Ink is proud of our custom work. We are always excited about creating something that you will be proud of too. We also have air conditoning installed into the studio, so you can sit and relax during your tattoo or piercing experience in comfort and style.

Tattoo Coverups

Although we hope that your first tattoo was a good one, everyone makes mistakes. Luckily, most can be corrected. If you want to cover up a tattoo you regret, we have specialists who work on creating a unique design to feature over whatever tattoo you had before. We can design and create a tattoo that you will not regret. We will turn something you don't like into amazing body art.

VIP Package

Manchester Ink offers a unique VIP Package for our high profile and private clientele. This includes full closure of our tattoo parlour to ensure privacy and security. A free piercing service is also included. It is our aim to ensure that our clients’ experience at Manchester Ink is nothing but exceptional!


We are proud to present piercing and modification studio! Manchester Ink provide affordable prices with our professional, fully trained staff. We are friendly, understanding and most importantly hygienic. Also, available for purchase is our unique body jewellery. So come to us, and you will have brand new body modifications to show off straight away!

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